Lovely Space With Absolute Class From Total Environment

Bangalore based firm Total Environment shows its teeth for this very opportunity to impress. the claim of “focusing  on making and creating spaces that can e proud of living and working in and to make living more comfortable and joyous” is really maintained to prove its great compromise on quality to satisfy all. The portfolio will be on total show here, so better not missing it.

One word can describe this particular design “lovely”. Its serene look from the presences of wonderfully green surroundings and the classy look of its exterior parts have already stolen our hearts away. This one can be categorized as massive as long as the size is concerned. In modern scheme, this one outshines others by owning unique intersections of structure and red bricks accents on its outer surfaces. The insides are mobbed with mind blowing rooms and spaces. There is an outdoor lounge area inside the house with courtyard to get relaxed. Contemporary sundeck is available for sun tanning if you like. The furnishing scheme is amazingly chic and sleek with many styles to boast. Wooden touches are preferred giving away classy and elegant appearances here and there effortlessly.  Alfresco dining outdoor and decent pool is what we find fresh in this very place.

The house is a power packed building full of things that makes us envious. The way things managed is pretty original and we love it. There are more spaces to explore, and we recommend you all to view each of them to know better.

Power Packed Kids Room With Lots Of Fun

You may have a serious problem with your kids being so hyper active and so full of energy that you often cannot handle. You may always have a desire to make a special place where they can express themselves without messing stuff and making things around them in danger. Here we go. We have several room designs for them to really do whatever they want to do. It is similar to jungle gym style or a playground in comfy manner yet with fine limitations.

You need to know that in these kinds of room, you can have some furniture to make fun places that will not bore your children but you get to choose the safe ones that will not harm your kids, off course. However to have the minimalist ones are still recommended. The blue and yellow boy’s room is defined the safety and comfy level well with good light to enhance the mood. Some gym equipments are spotted like hand loops and ladders for them to play with. The neutral bedroom is more soft and elegant with its dots and floral accents. This will be perfect for both your girl and boy. For the ones who are in their teens, the stripped bedroom must be suitable enough with its more mature look. The big bulbs there are rocking cool for them too. In general, the rooms presented here are spacious for them to move around easily.

As a parent, you are sure to make the best for your children to really explore their talents and find themselves ON their own. The right way is not to prevent and to stop them but we should facilitate them at its best for them to finally emerge.

Various Plush Bathroom Designs From All Around The Globe

There have been so many designs on bathroom which are brought on a show but those are never enough. I am pretty sure you really want for more. In order to fulfill your wish, we are going to be serious this time. There are quite many jaw dropping bathroom ideas from all around the world and we really take this time as the opportunity to share them all with you.

There are various designs and all have their own uniqueness and genuine traits. Most of them are quite plush and very luxurious. Each of them is influenced by its culture and people’s way of life, so let’s get to know better. The first one has a bath tub that Greek god will possibly like. The strong traditional feel of Greek touch does make it a mystically gorgeous bathroom in golden tones.  The next one seems simple and down to the core but this typical Tuscan bathroom has a lot to give you real enjoyment during your dip on the tub there. The vibe is so spa like and the warm atmosphere brought by the use of woods as the main materials make it a most preferable space in the house. Japan is always in the lead as long as relaxation or peace of mind is concerned. Taking a shower or a bath in transparent and white room with all those glass walls and door in a company of an indoor courtyard with all natural stones and greenery will match their visual on ideal bathroom perfectly. What blows us away is the Arabian bathroom which look like a million bucks and totally larger than life. The king sized bathroom is what we usually dream of. It is plush, lavish and luxurious with marbles and gold accents that shine brightly.

There countless designs we have here and reviewing all of them is nothing but impossible. So please do yourself favor by viewing all the images we share here and inform yourself with the most stunning and awesome design all over the globe here which can inspire your very own at home. Enjoy guys.