Lovely Space With Absolute Class From Total Environment

Bangalore based firm Total Environment shows its teeth for this very opportunity to impress. the claim of “focusing  on making and creating spaces that can e proud of living and working in and to make living more comfortable and joyous” is really maintained to prove its great compromise on quality to satisfy all. The portfolio will be on total show here, so better not missing it.

One word can describe this particular design “lovely”. Its serene look from the presences of wonderfully green surroundings and the classy look of its exterior parts have already stolen our hearts away. This one can be categorized as massive as long as the size is concerned. In modern scheme, this one outshines others by owning unique intersections of structure and red bricks accents on its outer surfaces. The insides are mobbed with mind blowing rooms and spaces. There is an outdoor lounge area inside the house with courtyard to get relaxed. Contemporary sundeck is available for sun tanning if you like. The furnishing scheme is amazingly chic and sleek with many styles to boast. Wooden touches are preferred giving away classy and elegant appearances here and there effortlessly.  Alfresco dining outdoor and decent pool is what we find fresh in this very place.

The house is a power packed building full of things that makes us envious. The way things managed is pretty original and we love it. There are more spaces to explore, and we recommend you all to view each of them to know better.

Power Packed Kids Room With Lots Of Fun

You may have a serious problem with your kids being so hyper active and so full of energy that you often cannot handle. You may always have a desire to make a special place where they can express themselves without messing stuff and making things around them in danger. Here we go. We have several room designs for them to really do whatever they want to do. It is similar to jungle gym style or a playground in comfy manner yet with fine limitations.

You need to know that in these kinds of room, you can have some furniture to make fun places that will not bore your children but you get to choose the safe ones that will not harm your kids, off course. However to have the minimalist ones are still recommended. The blue and yellow boy’s room is defined the safety and comfy level well with good light to enhance the mood. Some gym equipments are spotted like hand loops and ladders for them to play with. The neutral bedroom is more soft and elegant with its dots and floral accents. This will be perfect for both your girl and boy. For the ones who are in their teens, the stripped bedroom must be suitable enough with its more mature look. The big bulbs there are rocking cool for them too. In general, the rooms presented here are spacious for them to move around easily.

As a parent, you are sure to make the best for your children to really explore their talents and find themselves ON their own. The right way is not to prevent and to stop them but we should facilitate them at its best for them to finally emerge.

Various Plush Bathroom Designs From All Around The Globe

There have been so many designs on bathroom which are brought on a show but those are never enough. I am pretty sure you really want for more. In order to fulfill your wish, we are going to be serious this time. There are quite many jaw dropping bathroom ideas from all around the world and we really take this time as the opportunity to share them all with you.

There are various designs and all have their own uniqueness and genuine traits. Most of them are quite plush and very luxurious. Each of them is influenced by its culture and people’s way of life, so let’s get to know better. The first one has a bath tub that Greek god will possibly like. The strong traditional feel of Greek touch does make it a mystically gorgeous bathroom in golden tones.  The next one seems simple and down to the core but this typical Tuscan bathroom has a lot to give you real enjoyment during your dip on the tub there. The vibe is so spa like and the warm atmosphere brought by the use of woods as the main materials make it a most preferable space in the house. Japan is always in the lead as long as relaxation or peace of mind is concerned. Taking a shower or a bath in transparent and white room with all those glass walls and door in a company of an indoor courtyard with all natural stones and greenery will match their visual on ideal bathroom perfectly. What blows us away is the Arabian bathroom which look like a million bucks and totally larger than life. The king sized bathroom is what we usually dream of. It is plush, lavish and luxurious with marbles and gold accents that shine brightly.

There countless designs we have here and reviewing all of them is nothing but impossible. So please do yourself favor by viewing all the images we share here and inform yourself with the most stunning and awesome design all over the globe here which can inspire your very own at home. Enjoy guys.

Marvelous Transition Of A Historical Fortified Italian Farmhouse

There is an Italian farmhouse with history that stands magnificently stunning against green lush surroundings. Long time ago, there is someone called Arrighi who was a watchtower peering over Tuscany and all along the Niccone Valley, with an adjoining this fortified farmhouse. And now, this very same building has gone through considerable changes and restorations which make it this as wonderful and luxurious as a castle. It is famously known as Castello di Reschio, in Umbria, Italy.

In the middle such vast and beautiful country landscape, this house appears like old day’s castle with rustic and vintage raw look that is incredibly graceful and very elegant. The gardens attract us to pay more attention for its clean and pleasing looks with all unique plantations. During the day, the house shines brightly while at night it appears glamorous with all the lightings against the dark backdrop. There is a patio with decent table and several chairs outside available for tea time or breakfast, lunch and dinner if you like. The beautiful sight which can be easily enjoyed from there is the greatest entertainment the owners can ever own. While the outside parts seem so inherently classical and traditional, the interior sides may surprise you. They are affected by modern treat and quite sophisticated. Yet you can feel the old school charms attached to each part of it and most of the building’s original features are kept to create royal vibes. The ceilings are totally in their origins and so are some other surfaces inside the house.

This house is completely a mix of castle-like state with modern touch that work magically aesthetic. The atmosphere is quite pleasing and heartwarming. You can feel comfortable like really at home here. Yet you may feel like being a lady of yesteryears in your king-sized house. Get all the details here guys. We are sure you will like it.

Nature Tones & Color Blasts For Modern Home Interior Designs

What about bringing nature tones inside you house and adding some blasts of colors to get alive? Yes, I think it is a splendid idea. The fact that you house can exude natural or earthy appeals will make it attractive like never before. Some cheerful and playful attempts will do make it shine even more which also help you to have a slight fun there. So, are you curious how to get things done in proper way? Here we have some examples of fine home designing that will absolutely amaze and shock you in a positive way.

The first space is what we consider as futuristic house with all quite abstract stuff which shows uniqueness and aesthetic attractiveness more. The grey tones make it a rustic space with the sight of outside’s lush green yard relaxing you taking us into a recollection of real beauty of nature. For a neutral scheme, a white living room is so pleasingly soft that remind us of clouds. Some grey accents create stylish lines that get it far cooler while the plush chandelier wants it appear classy and glamorous to be trendy. An open plan area features dining and living in the same room does groovy attempt by splashing some fresh green color paired with grey tone against the white background.

The view is very easy on the eye and incredibly fresh which will help us think positively and lift our mood well. There are several of them which choose neutral or palette tones to be in comfortable and warm states while some are bravely taking hot and bold colors in company to be different, unique and special. There are the images that will tell all the details so that you can decide which one that you like best.

Japanese Home In Modern Euphoria

Going to Japan, we are ready for another sight of serene and ethereal house made from mainly woods. The fact that houses there use woods as the materials create such graceful and elegant spaces is popularly known to the world. The tradition is really kept strongly that is why traditional house owns mystical and special attractions we cannot deny. For this time, we want to show you how Japanese house looks in its most contemporary modern appearance.

Though it is a today’s house that completely embraces modern style but you cannot help but except some sights of woods in some parts of it, which we believe is done quite well and sophisticated. Japanese architecture and interior visualizer Heung-Yeol, Yong’s work really is not to be underestimated. The mix of modern style in huge part and little touches of classic does remarkable result in his design. The choice of dark and edgy color makes it charismatically sexy and very exquisite while the wooden surfaces and stuff make spaces to be warm and naturally captivating although they are polished in dark tones as well. Some metals are used as well for the base materials of staircases and etc. the clear and clean cuts make this one a chic and rustic house that provides more rooms to explore.

To know the details of each part of the house, you can see all the images here. This one gives you an interesting visualization of modern house with a classic heart that is so typical of Japanese house.

Special Takes from Pillow To Pool

Can you imagine opening your eyes in the morning and what you see is the sight of clear water that its freshness striking your eyes to wide awake quite fast? Or maybe during the day, when the weather is nice, breezy wind blows, the sun shines warmly and you lay there with the sound of water and its appearance in front of your eyes that will release your stressful body and soul? Please stop imagining because this imagination has been realized. The fact that your bed stands next to your pool is quite strange at first but after viewing these designs you will say otherwise.

After waking up, taking a bath may be quite in order. It gives you quick access and also save your time right. You may find it funny but all of these are really amazing ideas. There are rooms that are separated by glass walls from the pools but the sights are still close enough to provide relaxing and entertaining views. Several of them are quite bravely to be outside and really in the same spaces as the pools.

There is one that stands in the middle of it while others are just closely next to the pools. Most of them own lounge areas and some other parts of the rooms are still there as well. The feel is really like a spa spot with classical vibes but there are some which are quite in contemporary looks that are chic and modernly stylish. The designs are so many with different charms that we absolutely adore. Get yourself better informed by viewing all the images. Hope you will like them as we do.

Groovy Look Of Effortlessly Casual Loft Style Living

For you who hate troubling yourself and have been living your life in easy going manner and quite casual about things, we would like to share some ideas on how to be casual with your home on the right path so that you do not lose your cool. Fledgling designer Maxim Zhukov is the one that comes up with the ideas of getting correct effortlessly. There are several awesome visualizations of a groovy and trendy young loft space that you will absolutely adore.

This loft is in quite dramatic and artistic appeal that most youngsters, especially boys will like. The fact that the tones chosen are pretty dull but very rustic makes it an attractive place that defines rebellious minds well. The natural colors of woods make it a simply modest house with strong character. The bedroom has several unique decorations and stuff. The bed is laid on a platform that includes side boards and even racks. You can simply put things there without being dragged into trouble. The headboard is made of soft materials that can let you rest while sitting on your bed. There is a bizarre sight of workspace that is placed right above the bed. It is wacky but practical. This way you may save more space in the house and yet it looks kind a cool. There are no exact rules in deciding the selection of furniture or accessories. Everything is brought in and they are placed whimsically.

This house has so many things that creates merrier atmosphere that make your time at home enjoyable. Such fun loft will really keep you coming back since your space defines you and make you feel like being with your very own.

Relaxing Living Rooms with Superb Views

How your living room can deliver you into a feeling of blissful which may be quite exaggerated but it can actually happen when you have a strong will to make it true. There is nothing compared to what nature can offer and for you to have probably the best living space at home is to build your own where there are views from the outside world to entertain you there. You may see how things get better and better from the following designs that prove that we are absolutely right.

The breathtaking views are surely not to be wasted. The serene look of blue sky with all those floating clouds or the twinkling lamps of city sight at night are what should be treasured. Houses that are blessed with natural beauties have to be thankful for them and start installing big glass windows in order to appreciate God’s creatures. Just like the open plan house in calm earthy look that stands gracefully among mountains to get refreshed each day. It also happens when your house is surrounded by lush green grassy lands. These views can heal your stressful mind and body altogether. Whether your house is in modern or traditional treat having such eye candy will always do you nothing but good. Even your visitors will find it amazing and nice. Open plan houses just like most of these designs here have better chances to catch the stunning sights for their wide and vast natures allow more big glass walls and windows to indulge you best.

There are so many of them in various styles and looks. The sights offered by the nature are quite different but all are equally stunning and completely mesmerizing. Decide yourself which one that attract you best by viewing all the images, have fun.

Classically Mild and Adorably Stunning Nurseries and Baby Room Design Ideas

Why talking things we usually do and get tedious when there are some cute and adorable stuff worth seeing here. This time we look for designs on baby rooms and nurseries. Parents may like to view them since there are few references on this and we like to be all out for this very occasion.

These wonderful ideas are brought by Baby & Child Restoration Hardware. The various designs will absolutely keep you occupied since the choices are indeed so many which can only make you dizzy in order to pick the best one that you like most as they are all beautiful. Instead of looking messy with random colors here and there, these designs have quite unique appearances. Most of them are in soft colors and neutral tones that make them look quite classy and traditional. But still they seem so warm, comfortable and endearing which will do good to your child. For baby girls there are some spaces offered. The one in pink and grey is absolutely sweet the white and blue room seems to be quite satisfying with the upholstered crib. For boys, wooden touches will be nice and if you like it to be ready for all babies in whatever sex, the one in neutral white is highly recommended. In addition, there is also room for twin babies to share if you like.

Where in the world you will find such complete collection on baby’s room design? They all exude similar feels that you will absolutely approve. The places are clean, safe with glamorous touch for the young ones to sleep, play and even eat. The chairs for nanny for babysitting purposes are also included there. So what are you waiting for, parents?