Lovely Space With Absolute Class From Total Environment

Bangalore based firm Total Environment shows its teeth for this very opportunity to impress. the claim of “focusing  on making and creating spaces that can e proud of living and working in and to make living more comfortable and joyous” is really maintained to prove its great compromise on quality to satisfy all. The portfolio will be on total show here, so better not missing it.

One word can describe this particular design “lovely”. Its serene look from the presences of wonderfully green surroundings and the classy look of its exterior parts have already stolen our hearts away. This one can be categorized as massive as long as the size is concerned. In modern scheme, this one outshines others by owning unique intersections of structure and red bricks accents on its outer surfaces. The insides are mobbed with mind blowing rooms and spaces. There is an outdoor lounge area inside the house with courtyard to get relaxed. Contemporary sundeck is available for sun tanning if you like. The furnishing scheme is amazingly chic and sleek with many styles to boast. Wooden touches are preferred giving away classy and elegant appearances here and there effortlessly.  Alfresco dining outdoor and decent pool is what we find fresh in this very place.

The house is a power packed building full of things that makes us envious. The way things managed is pretty original and we love it. There are more spaces to explore, and we recommend you all to view each of them to know better.