Japanese Home In Modern Euphoria

Going to Japan, we are ready for another sight of serene and ethereal house made from mainly woods. The fact that houses there use woods as the materials create such graceful and elegant spaces is popularly known to the world. The tradition is really kept strongly that is why traditional house owns mystical and special attractions we cannot deny. For this time, we want to show you how Japanese house looks in its most contemporary modern appearance.

Though it is a today’s house that completely embraces modern style but you cannot help but except some sights of woods in some parts of it, which we believe is done quite well and sophisticated. Japanese architecture and interior visualizer Heung-Yeol, Yong’s work really is not to be underestimated. The mix of modern style in huge part and little touches of classic does remarkable result in his design. The choice of dark and edgy color makes it charismatically sexy and very exquisite while the wooden surfaces and stuff make spaces to be warm and naturally captivating although they are polished in dark tones as well. Some metals are used as well for the base materials of staircases and etc. the clear and clean cuts make this one a chic and rustic house that provides more rooms to explore.

To know the details of each part of the house, you can see all the images here. This one gives you an interesting visualization of modern house with a classic heart that is so typical of Japanese house.

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